As for all instruments, the Sampo can be used in many ways. The effects make it a great tool for improvising, but there is also an important repertoire of written works available.

Contemporary repertoire

Regarding the repertoire of contemporary music, many of the mixed music pieces from the twentieth and twenty first centuries can be played on the Sampo. Mixed music combines acoustic instruments and electronics. There are two types of pieces: pieces with real-time sound treatment or ‘live-electronic’ pieces, and pieces with tape.


In addition, new pieces written specifically for Sampo are being composed on a regular basis. Moreover, a composition contest for Sampo takes place every year since 2014.

Improvisation, jazz...

Naturally, the Sampo is also used for playing other musical genres: jazz, world or modern music... The repertoire for Sampo contains pieces of all levels of difficulty and for every instrument family.

Sergio Blardony
Crónica para entenderse con lo antiguo

For Saxophone & Sampo

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