E q u i p m e n t

The Sampo is composed of a wooden box containing the electronic equipment, and a set of continuous variation pedals.

The box
The box contains all the elements to capture, process and play sound.

The Sampo is delivered with a dynamic microphone, which can easily be replaced by the user if needed.

A touch screen gives access to selecting works to play and modifying the electronic configurations. It also serves as a dashboard for the user, displaying information useful for performing (the positions of the pedals, selected effects, position in the sound file, etc).

A sound card and high-quality loudspeakers are integrated in the box. The Sampo is a completely autonomous system that does not need any extra equipment. Two Jack TRS outputs at the back of the box make it possible to connect the Sampo to external loudspeakers during concerts

The pedals
The parameters are accessed through expression pedals. The seven continuous variation pedals give true control and real-time access to the sound parameter

The design of the Sampo allows for easy transport: either with two suitcases - one for the box and one for the pedals - or in one case (flight case) when shipping Sampo by mail or travelling by plane.

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